18 January 2003


Spent the day packing bags for the Linux conference. Stuffing cruft into 350 bags is more work than you would at first think … Good thing that there was a lot of people to help.

Alan and Telsa got in today, and got tricked into helping out with the bag stuffing.

I also put together an iCalendar file containing all the talks in the program that people can merge into their calendars. I don’t think I have seen other conferences do this, so I don’t know how many people will use it. Was a bit fiddly to set up with Evolution, and even more so when I realised I had my Evo timezone set wrong 🙁.


My fontilus nautilus extension was in the new Red Hat beta (as well as being in Debian and Mandrake). It even got a mention in the ExtremeTech review of the RH beta. The newest release will turn on thumbnailing by default (if you have a new enough libgnomeui and nautilus), so it looks a bit better than the screenshots in that article. I also put out the first tarball release of nautilus-rpm, which currently only views info in the RPM database rather than modifying things. Still a lot to do to make it really useful.