Monthly Archives: February 2003

25 February 2003

website After not having touched my website for a long time (years), I finally decided to do a bit of work on it. Wrote some scripts to automatically generate the navigation links (and added <link> elements). Decided to put the slides for talks I have given up in one place. Still a fair bit more […]


Put out a new release of fontilus, which increased the number of supported languages from 2 (including the default english) to 21. It also has a few small UI improvements for the font view dialog, and adds a context menu item for fonts in the “fonts:” folder that allows you to easily set the default […]

13 February 2003

lmjohns3: if you use a locale with right to left text direction, GTK+ will automatically flip the direction of standard widgets. This means that if you have a GtkHBox, items added with pack_start() will end up on the right hand side of the box, and ones added with pack_end() on the left (after all, they […]