25 February 2003


After not having touched my website for a long time (years), I finally decided to do a bit of work on it. Wrote some scripts to automatically generate the navigation links (and added <link> elements). Decided to put the slides for talks I have given up in one place. Still a fair bit more information worth putting up for the packages I maintain though.


The conference CD should be finalised tomorrow (thanks to a lot of work done by Tony). We’ve got material from just about all the speakers, audio of all the talks (in Speex format) and some photos, so it should be quite good. The CD will be mailed out to delegates, and ISOs will be made available when they are ready.

Ring John Howard at Home

The Chaser stirred up a bit of trouble at the end of last week with the headline on the front page of their satirical newspaper: Howard Ignores the People. So call him at home on (02) 9922 6189. According to a story in the Sydney Morning Herald, his home phone was ringing non stop until they changed the number.