Monthly Archives: August 2003


Over the weekend, I did a set of releases for pygtk, pyorbit and gnome-python. These releases are pretty much what I want for the 2.0 versions (which have been a long time coming). These releases should fix up the last few remaining bugs related to running with Python 2.3, and bugs related to compiling on […]

22 August 2003

raph: If you upgrade to Mailman 2.1, you can run qrunner as a daemon instead of from Cron (this is in fact the preferred way to run it). This does have some disadvantages, of course. I have experienced problems with 2.1.x qrunner running away and using all the CPU on occasions (a problem with temporary […]

20 August 2003

Python Spent a bit of time writing a reply to kiko‘s proto-PEP about fixing Python’s handling of LC_NUMERIC. As it stands at the moment, Python requires LC_NUMERIC to be set to C in order to function correctly (important things like parsing of floats in source code break if it is set to a locale that […]

15 August 2003

Laptop Since upgrading to RH9, I started to experience some problems with my laptop. Every time I switched from text mode to graphics mode it would hang with the keyboard LEDs flashing for between 10 seconds and a minute. This was particularly annoying, since I usually switched to a console before suspending the machine. After […]