Over the weekend, I did a set of releases for pygtk, pyorbit and gnome-python. These releases are pretty much what I want for the 2.0 versions (which have been a long time coming). These releases should fix up the last few remaining bugs related to running with Python 2.3, and bugs related to compiling on MacOS X. If no serious bugs are found, I’ll do 2.0 releases shortly.

Once 2.0 is done and I have branched, I can start looking at moving on to the newer APIs. Some of the things I want to do include:

  • Delete the binding, or move it to the gtkglarea package. This library seems pretty much dead, and there is another OpenGL binding for GTK which is being actively developed, and even has a Python binding.
  • Add all the new GTK 2.2 APIs to PyGTK. This shouldn’t take too long, as all the infrastructure is there now.
  • Move gnome-python on to the GNOME 2.4 libraries. Given the timing of releases, its probably not worth targetting 2.2 separately.
  • Delete the gnome.zvt binding. The libzvt library is pretty much dead, and VTE includes a Python binding itself.

There are a few other things I want to look at, such as Python 2.3’s new PyGILState APIs, which could potentially simplify PyGTK’s threading support a lot, and make it interact better with other threaded Python extension modules.