Monthly Archives: October 2003

22 October 2003

Laptop I started running out of space on my laptop, so decided it would be easier to buy a new hard disk rather than clean things up (after all, I could get a 40GB drive for about AU$200, which would give me more than 3 times as much storage, and had almost identical power requirements). […]


Been reading over Ulrich Drepper’s paper on how to write shared libraries, and it struck me that use of the PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords() function will result in a lot of relocations that can’t be avoided. I did a few tests using some dummy extension modules that contained a number of functions. I tried varying the number of […]

1 October 2003 They accepted my abstract submission for LCA in January! The lineup is of invited speakers looks really good, so everyone should register. Hopefully they can outdo the conference we put on in Perth . .au Politics A number of changes to the federal government cabinet this week, because Richard Alston (aka World’s Biggest Luddite) […]