1 October 2003


They accepted my abstract submission for LCA in January! The lineup is of invited speakers looks really good, so everyone should register. Hopefully they can outdo the conference we put on in Perth 🙂.

.au Politics

A number of changes to the federal government cabinet this week, because Richard Alston (aka World’s Biggest Luddite) is resigning as Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. He is getting replaced by the current Attorney-General Daryl Williams, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

As part of the reshuffle Phillip Ruddock, the immigration minister, is taking over as Attorney-General, which prompted this quote:

“To move Mr Ruddock, who’s an international law breaker, who’s incarcerated innocent people behind razor wire in conditions which would be unacceptable in most prisons in Australia to chief law officer of the land is appalling”

Bob Brown, Greens Senator

I guess this is partly related to the reports of Immigration officials encouraging asylum seekers to obtain illegal travel documents so that they can be deported to some other country.

The new immigration minister is Amanda Vanstone, who I remember most for screwing up education.