Monthly Archives: February 2004

23 February 2004

louie: doesn’t the fact that the introduction of a third credible candidate causes problems is in fact a problem in itself? There are vote counting schemes in use that don’t penalise similar candidates, such as the single transferable vote system used in Australia to elect MPs. Rather than splitting the vote, the votes for the […]

17 February 2004

Weather It has been really hot and humid here for the past few days. While it is not uncommon to have hot weather in Perth, high humidity is quite unusual. It seems to be due to the floods up in the north of the state (they had a report on the news about an 18 […]

12 February 2004

jhbuild Had a pretty good response to the jhbuild changes. There was a number of problems I didn’t catch during my testing (more that I would have liked). However, I think I caught the last few ones with pychecker. I suppose the next thing to do is to help the guys set things up […]


Checked in a fairly big set of modifications to jhbuild, designed to make it a bit more modular and the code less messy. I had been working on these changes for a while now, and had been keeping track of them on the jhbuild-ng branch. Here are a few of the main changes: Code reorganised […]