12 February 2004

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Had a pretty good response to the jhbuild changes. There was a number of problems I didn’t catch during my testing (more that I would have liked). However, I think I caught the last few ones with pychecker.

I suppose the next thing to do is to help the fd.org guys set things up so they can manage their module sets from their own CVS tree. That will make it easier to recommend as a build tool.

It is also almost at a stage where it could be packaged as a tarball to be used for building Gnome developer snapshots. (Jeff has said that this might be easier than updating garnome).

Creative Commons

I was looking around on the creative commons website, and came accross this page. Essentially, O’Reilly is planning on licensing their current books under an effective 14 or 28 year copyright (pending author approval).

In addition to that, they say they are planning on releasing their out of print books under an attribution license straight away (again, pending author approval). I was looking over the list of books on the page, and the out of print list included the X series. I have a couple of books from the series, and they have been quite useful.

It looks like they started this a while back and haven’t gotten very far, but it would be very useful once the rest of the X series is available.