Monthly Archives: May 2005

Python Challenge

Found out about The Python Challenge. While you don’t need to use Python to solve most of the problems, a knowledge of the language certainly helps. While the initial problems are fairly easy, some of the later ones are quite difficult, and cover many topics. If you decide to have a go, here are a […]

Clipboard Manager

Phillip: the majority of applications have no cut and paste code in them — they rely on the cut and paste behaviour of the standard widgets. Since the standard widgets like GtkEntry in GTK 2.6 mark their selections as being savable (in fact, any code that calls gtk_clipboard_set_text() will have its selection marked as savable). […]

Merging In Bazaar

This posting follows on from my previous postings about Bazaar, but is a bit more advanced. In most cases you don’t need to worry about this, since the tools should just work. However if problems occur (or if you’re just curious about how things work), it can be useful to know a bit about what’s […]

First Thoughts on NewsBruiser

I’ve moved my diary over to, which offers a few extra features over advogato (the main ones I’m interested in are more control over the layout, and the ability to embed images). Overall it seems pretty good, although I have a few gripes: The login cookie gets set for the path /nb.cgi/ only, so […]

Bazaar (continued)

I got a few responses to the comparison between CVS, Subversion and Bazaar command line interfaces I posted earlier from Elijah, Mikael and David. As I stated in that post, I was looking at areas where the three systems could be compared. Of course, most people would choose Arch because of the things it can […]

SCM Command Line Interface Comparison

With the current discussion on gnome-hackers about whether to switch Gnome over to Subversion, it has been brought up a number of times that people can switch from CVS to Subversion without thinking about it (the implication being that this is not true for Arch). Given the improvements in Bazaar, it isn’t clear that Subversion […]

Something is wrong with the Immigration Department

Shortly after the scandal over Cornelia Rau (a mentally ill Australian who was in detention for 10 months), another case gets some media attention: Vivian Young/Alvarez/Solon. She is an Australian citizen born in the Phillipines, who also suffers from a mental illness. From the news reports, the sequence of events seems to be: In 1984, […]

<tt>bgchannel://</tt> Considered Harmful?

Recently Bryan posted about background channels — a system for automatic updating desktop wallpaper. One of the features of the design is a new URI scheme based on the same ideas as webcal://, which I think is a bad idea (as dobey has also pointed out). The usual reasoning for creating a URI scheme like […]