First Thoughts on NewsBruiser

I’ve moved my diary over to, which offers a few extra features over advogato (the main ones I’m interested in are more control over the layout, and the ability to embed images). Overall it seems pretty good, although I have a few gripes:

  • The login cookie gets set for the path /nb.cgi/ only, so when I go to the front page of my diary, which is not under that path due to some mod_rewrite magic, it never thinks I’m logged in.
  • My login cookie gets sent to all pages under /nb.cgi/, including other hosted blogs. Given that I can put arbitrary HTML in the templates for my blog, it would be possible to capture the passwords of other NewsBruiser users on the system without much trouble (it’s a good thing we all trust each other). This one is a bit difficult to fix because of the URI structure for newsbruiser pages, which look like “/nb.cgi/verb/username/...“. If they were structured with the username first, it would be trivial to set up the cookie so it only gets sent when viewing one particular blog.

Overall though, it seems quite nice.