Monthly Archives: July 2005

Google Maps API + GnomeWorldWide?

I was looking at the Google Maps API documentation, and had an idea: combine it with the data from GnomeWorldWide, and you could have a nice zoomable map, and provide extra info when clicking on the marker (name, location, hackergotchi, etc). I might take a look at this when I get some time (probably after […]

HTTP resource watcher

I’ve got most of the features of my HTTP resource watching code I was working on for GWeather done. The main benefits over the existing gnome-vfs based code are: Simpler API. Just connect to the updated signal on the resource object, and you get notified when the resource changes. Supports gzip and deflate content encodings, […]

Going to Brazil

On Sunday I will be going to be travelling to São Carlos, Brazil for two weeks of the Launchpad sprint. It will be my first time travelling to either Brazil or South America so should be fun. That leaves just North America as the only major continent I haven’t visited.

Bryan’s Bazaar Tutorial

Bryan: there are a number of steps you can skip in your little tutorial: You don’t need to set my-default-archive. If you often work with multiple archives, you can treat working copies for all archives pretty much the same. If you are currently inside a working copy, any branch names you use will be relative […]

pkg-config vs. Cross Compile and Multi-arch

One of the areas where pkg-config can cause some problems is when trying to cross compile some code, or when working with multi-arch systems (such as bi-arch AMD64 Linux distros). While it is possible to use pkg-config in such systems by manipulating $PKG_CONFIG_PATH and/or $PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR, users can’t just follow the instructions given for the single-arch […]