Going to Brazil

On Sunday I will be going to be travelling to São Carlos, Brazil for two weeks of the Launchpad sprint. It will be my first time travelling to either Brazil or South America so should be fun. That leaves just North America as the only major continent I haven’t visited.

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  1. xaccrocheur

    I’m a little disappointed, I was expecting a “going to brazil” tutorial, how to get there, why, see also, these sort of things. Thank you anyway


  2. Dan Conklin

    Have fun in Brazil! I’m going there in four weeks just for vacation. I’ll be going to ForteLeza and Natal. The Brazilian ministry of Information Technology has been seriously looking at Linux-based refurbished computers to supply schools and individuals in poor areas with some inexpensive technology. I would really love to get involved with that project. Ask around while your there please!

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