Monthly Archives: September 2005

Playing with Google Maps API

I finally got round to playing with the Google Maps API, and the results can be seen here. I took data from the GnomeWorldWide wiki page and merged in some information from the Planet Gnome FOAF file (which now includes the nicknames and hackergotchis). The code is available here (a BZR branch, but you can […]

Python class advisors

Anyone who has played with Zope 3 has probably seen the syntax used to declare what interfaces a particular class implements. It looks something like this: class Foo: implements(IFoo, IBar) … This leads to the following question: how can a function call inside a class definition’s scope affect the resulting class? To understand how this […]


One of the nice things about living in Perth is the forrests down south. Below is one of the photos I took over the weekend down in Pemberton: The Karri forrest on the other side of Big Brook Dam, Pemberton