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I finally got round to playing with the Google Maps API, and the results can be seen here. I took data from the GnomeWorldWide wiki page and merged in some information from the Planet Gnome FOAF file (which now includes the nicknames and hackergotchis).

The code is available here (a BZR branch, but you can easily download the latest versions of the files directly). The code works roughly as follows:

  • Convert the locations info GnomeWorldWide page into an XML file, adding information from the Planet Gnome FOAF file using the script.
  • When the main page loads, it requests the XML file previously generated. For each person element in the XML file, a marker is created on the map.
  • When a marker is clicked, an info window is displayed, which is the result of applying an XSLT transformation to the XML node.

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  1. Ralph

    Nice stuff, how about implementing that to the ubuntu WorldWide section. It would make it much more fun. The german site ubuntuusers has it already:

  2. fatal

    Found a bug:

    ChenYu (jcome)
    Foshan, China

    China (as far as I know) is not located in northern Sweden (next to the Finnish border). 🙂

  3. James Henstridge

    My code doesn’t attempt to correct invalid data. It looks like that person entered his details incorrectly on the wiki page (switching latitude and longitude by the looks of it).

  4. antrix

    Well.. I made a map of my friends and sent out a link to all of them only to have them point out that the map doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 🙁

    Now I don’t even know Javascript, leave alone browser specific js.. any idea what’s going wrong?

  5. xerxas

    Something new on the IE issue ?

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