Monthly Archives: November 2005

OpenSSH support in bzr

I updated my bzr openssh plugin to be a proper patch against, and got it merged. So if you have in your ~/.bazaar/plugins directory, you should remove it when upgrading. Unfortunately there was a small problem resolving a conflict when merging it, which causes the path to get mangled a little inside _sftp_connect(). […]


On my way to UBZ, I bought a PlayStation Portable at the airport duty free store. It was being sold as the value pack and Ridge Racer game together, which came out at roughly the retail price of the two individual items minus 10% GST. As well as playing games it can be used as […]

Using OpenSSH with bzr

One of the transports available in bzr is sftp. This is implemented using the Paramiko SSH and SFTP library. Unfortunately there are a few issues I experienced with the code: Since it is an independent implementation of SSH, none of my OpenSSH settings in ~/.ssh/config were recognised. The particular options I rely on include: User: […]

Moving from Bugzilla to Launchpad

One of the things that was discussed at UBZ was moving Ubuntu’s bug tracking over to Launchpad. The current situation sees bugs in main being filed in bugzilla while bugs in universe go in Launchpad. Putting all the bugs in Launchpad is an improvement, since users only need to go to one system to file […]

Avahi on Breezy followup

So after I posted some instructions for setting up Avahi on Breezy, a fair number of people at UBZ did so. For most people this worked fine, but it seems that a few people’s systems started spewing a lot of network traffic. It turns out that the problem was actually caused by the zeroconf package […]

Avahi on Breezy

During conferences, it is often useful to be able to connect to connect to other people’s machines (e.g. for collaborative editing sessions with Gobby). This is a place where mDNS hostname resolution can come in handy, so you don’t need to remember IP addresses. This is quite easy to set up on Breezy: Install the […]