Avahi on Breezy followup

So after I posted some instructions for setting up Avahi on Breezy, a fair number of people at UBZ did so. For most people this worked fine, but it seems that a few people’s systems started spewing a lot of network traffic.

It turns out that the problem was actually caused by the zeroconf package (which I did not suggest installing) rather than Avahi. The zeroconf package is not needed for service discovery or .local name lookup, so if you are at UBZ you should remove the package or suffer the wrath of Elmo.

10 thoughts on “Avahi on Breezy followup”

  1. What kind of traffic?

    Was it spewing a *lot* of ARP-requests by any chance? In that case I have been hit by it too ;-)


  2. Last check, gaim was not avahi enabled, but it does support the network-iChat stuff apple uses using Howl, and avahi svn (yet to be released as 0.6) features an API/ABI compatible layer for Howl (and bonjour) so you could use it with this.

  3. This was found and fixed some time ago in zeroconf 0.3 (fixed on the 12th July — almost 4 months ago).

    Updated packages are already in Debian testing (i.e. Ubuntu Dapper) and everyone ought to be able to grab it and try it out.

  4. Well, you indirectly did recommend to install zeroconf: The package is recommended by libnss-mdns which in turn was recommended by your post :-)

    So, if the package installer of choice is configured to install recommended packages (default for e.g. aptitude) – that’s why it was installed.

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