Monthly Archives: December 2005

Drive Mount Applet (again)

Thomas: that behaviour looks like a bug. Are all of those volumes mountable by the user? The drive mount applet is only meant to show icons for the mount points the user can mount. Note also that the applet is using the exact same information for the list of drives as Nautilus is. If the […]

Preferences for the Drive Mount Applet

In my previous article, I outlined the thought process behind the redesign of the drive mount applet. Although it ended up without any preferences, I don’t necessarily think that it doesn’t need any preferences. A number of people commented on the last entry requesting a particular preference: the ability to hide certain drives in the […]

Features vs. Preferences

As most people know, there has been some flamewars accusing Gnome developers of removing options for the benefit of “idiot users”. I’ve definitely been responsible for removing preferences from some parts of the desktop in the past. Probably the most dramatic is the drive mount applet, which started off with a preferences dialog with the […]

Double the Fist

The excellent show Double the Fist is being rerun on ABC on Thursday nights at 11:15pm. Even though the show won an AFI award last year, it was pretty easy to miss because it was initially shown on ABC 2 (the digital-only channel, which only a fraction of the population can tune into) and then […]

Re: Pixmap Memory Usage

Glynn: I suspect that the Pixmap memory usage has something to do with image rendering rather than applets in particular doing something stupid. Notice that most other GTK programs seem to be using similar amounts of pixmap memory. To help test this hypothesis, I used the following Python program: import gobject, gtk win = gtk.Window() […]

Switch users from XScreenSaver

Joao: you can configure XScreenSaver to show a “Switch User” button in it’s password dialog (which calls gdmflexiserver when run). This lets you start a new X session after the screen has locked. This feature is turned on in Ubuntu if you want to try it out. Of course, this is not a full solution, […]