Double the Fist

The excellent show Double the Fist is being rerun on ABC on Thursday nights at 11:15pm.

Even though the show won an AFI award last year, it was pretty easy to miss because it was initially shown on ABC 2 (the digital-only channel, which only a fraction of the population can tune into) and then late at night on the main channel.

I’ve been wanting to see the rest of the series ever since catching it part way through when it was shown last.

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  1. David

    I had never seen this show before stumbling across it last night – myself and my son were rolling on the floor in stiches. according to the website next weeks episode is a filler rather than the planned episode. ?

  2. Anonymous

    Mephisto Knows …

    Fraction of the population? Geezus, they transmit it everywhere, and the decoders are like $80 now from the supermarket. Everyone was whinging for years “oooh, my reception is bad — oooh, I can’t see ABC because of the snow” so what do they do, FIX IT, and now everybody’s crying “oooh I have to buy a decoder!!” WELL SHUT UP and STOP WATCHING IT if you can’t be bothered. If it’s any incentive, the HD decoders get you the ABC without the bloody watermark.

  3. Anonymous

    Decoders are for the WEAK, and nobody actually buys them.. but this is the greatest show ever, they should give it more funding and move it to prime time, it seems like noone has even heard of it.. it is a sad world

  4. Anonymous

    yeah, this show really deserves more publicity….fuckn’ hilarious! wish i’d found it sooner

    the guy two posts before me, you’re a fuckwit

  5. Peter

    I agree decoders are weak. If you don’t live in an area where you can watch TV then you probably married your cousin and your children have more than 10 shows. Steve sets the benchmark for what real men should be. Unlike most snivelling, metro, softcore, fairy floss eating, whining dogs who buy decoders.

    There should be a law so that all school children are forced to watch this at school.

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