Monthly Archives: January 2006

Lamb on Australia Day

There is a new “We Love Our Lamb on Australia Day” commercial by Sam Kekovich. It is definitely worth watching. It probably won’t piss off as many people as last year’s did though Last year’s ad seems to still be available here.

Bugzilla to Malone Migration

The Bugzilla migration on Friday went quite well, so we’ve now got all the old Ubuntu bug reports in Launchpad. Before the migration, we were up to bug #6760. Now that the migration is complete, there are more than 28000 bugs in the system. Here are some quick points to help with the transition: All […]

gnome-gpg improvement

The gnome-gpg utility makes PGP a bit nicer to use on Gnome with the following features: Present a Gnome password entry dialog for passphrase entry. Allow the user to store the passphrase in the session or permanent keyring, so it can be provided automatically next time. Unfortunately there are a few usability issues: The anonymous/authenticated […]

Ubuntu Bugzilla Migration

The migration is finally going to happen, after much testing of migration code and improvements to Malone. If all goes well, Ubuntu will be using a single bug tracker again on Friday (as opposed to the current system where bugs in main go in Bugzilla and bugs in universe go in Malone).