Bugzilla to Malone Migration

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The Bugzilla migration on Friday went quite well, so we’ve now got all the old Ubuntu bug reports in Launchpad. Before the migration, we were up to bug #6760. Now that the migration is complete, there are more than 28000 bugs in the system. Here are some quick points to help with the transition:

  • All bugzilla.ubuntu.com accounts were migrated to Launchpad accounts with a few caveats:
    1. If you already had a Launchpad account with your bugzilla email address associated with it, then the existing Launchpad account was used.
    2. No passwords were migrated from Bugzilla, due to differences in the method of storing them. You can set the password on the account at https://launchpad.net/+forgottenpassword.
    3. If you had a Launchpad account but used a different email to the one on your Bugzilla account, then you now have two Launchpad accounts. You can merge the two accounts at https://launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge.
  • If you have a bugzilla.ubuntu.com bug number, you can find the corresponding Launchpad bug number with the following URL:


    This will redirect to the Launchpad bug watching that bugzilla bug. This URL can easily be used to make a Firefox keyword bookmark.

  • You can file bugs on Ubuntu at https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+filebug. Note that the form expects a source package name rather than a binary package name. If you only have a binary package name, you can use the following command to find the source package name:

    apt-cache show $packagename | grep ^Source:

    We’ll make it easier to enter bugs when you only know the binary package name in the future.

  • The Launchpad data model for bugs differs from Bugzilla in that a single bug can be targetted at multiple packages or products (internally, we call these bug tasks). To change information about a bug task (source package name, assignee, status, priority, severity, etc), you must first click on the bug target in the “fix requested in” table at the top of the bug page.

There are still a few issues that need to be ironed out. The mailing lists subscribed to most Ubuntu bugs are not yet properly configured to accept mail from Launchpad, so result in “held for moderation” messages. These issues should get fixed shortly.

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  1. AdamW

    “Now that the migration is complete, there are more than 28000 bugs in the system.”

    Awesome! That means Ubuntu is now officially buggier than Mandriva (20,655 bugs, as of a few minutes ago). Anyone feel like having a ludicrously misleading PR war? I’m bored. 🙂

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