Monthly Archives: August 2006


Went to see Kenny at the cinema yesterday. A very funny movie and worth watching if you get a chance. Given that it is a small budget Australian film though, it will probably be hard to find overseas (similar to The Castle). I also got round to watching my Double the Fist volume 2 DVD […]

Shared Branches using Bazaar and Launchpad

Earlier, David Allouche described how to host Bazaar branches on Launchpad. At the end, he alluded to the ability to create branches that can be committed to by anyone on a team. I’ll describe how this works here. Launchpad Teams Launchpad allows people to organise themseleves into teams. Most of the things people can do […]

Back from London

I got back from London on Sunday from the Launchpad infrastructure sprint. Because of the terrorism scare, Heathrow was chaos (more so than usual). The bus service from the tube station to Terminal 4 ended up in a traffic jam. There were a lot of people milling around outside the terminal who were not being […]

Baggage Handlers

One of the other guys here joked that the baggage handlers at the airports are more likely to be careful with your luggage now. Since there is a higher threat level, the chance of a bag exploding if a handler mistreats it should be higher. Therefore it is in their best interests to be careful.

London Airports

So the airports in the UK went crazy today after a terror plot was uncovered. The upshot is severe restrictions on what you can take on as hand luggage, and a fair number of flight cancellations. The restrictions mean you can’t carry laptop computers on board. Instead they want you to check them through and […]