Monthly Archives: September 2006

Lenovo Battery Recall

So it seems that Lenovo has decided to join in on this battery recall fad. It turns out that the main battery in my X60s is one of the explosive Sony variety (the extended life battery isn’t though). I rang them up to organise the replacement, which will be arriving in 5 weeks. Even though […]

Impossible Triangle Sculpture

Saw this interesting sculpture while cycling through East Perth: Of course, it can only be appreciated when standing in a particular location (Here is what it looks like from another angle). I wonder how many people pass it and don’t realise what it is or how you are meant to look at it? Update: the […]

Politics imitates The Simpsons?

John Howard: You know what really aggravazes me? It’s them immigants. They wants all the benefits of living in Springfield Australia, but they ain’t even bother to learn themselves the language. Kim Beazley: Hey, those are exactly my sentimonies. From episode 3F20 I wonder if this is just setting the stage for the next federal election?

Microsummaries in Firefox 2

One of the new features in Firefox 2 is Microsummaries, which essentially allows dynamic bookmark titles. This is useful when bookmarking volatile pages, since the title can reflect the current state of the document rather than the state when the bookmark was created. The system works by registering XSLT transformations that generate a simple text […]

–create-prefix not needed with

When outlining the use of team branches on Launchpad previously, I used the –create-prefix option when pushing the branch to s This was to make sure the initial push would succeed, even if the /~username/product directory the branch would be created in didn’t exist. To simplify things for users, we made a change to the […]

Ubuntu Bugzilla Migration Comment Cleanup

Earlier in the year, we migrated the bugs from over to Launchpad. This process involved changes to the bug numbers, since the Launchpad is used for more than just Ubuntu and already had a number of bugs reported in the system. People often refer to other bugs in comments, which both Bugzilla and Launchpad […]

Gnome-gpg 0.5.0 Released

Over the weekend, I released gnome-gpg 0.5.0. The main features in this release is support for running without gnome-keyring-daemon (of course, you can’t save the passphrase in this mode), and to use the same keyring item name for the passphrase as Seahorse. The release can be downloaded here: I also switched over from Arch […]