Impossible Triangle Sculpture

Saw this interesting sculpture while cycling through East Perth:

Of course, it can only be appreciated when standing in a particular location (Here is what it looks like from another angle). I wonder how many people pass it and don’t realise what it is or how you are meant to look at it?

Update: the sculpture can be seen on Google Maps in the centre of the round about. You can clearly see the arms of the triangle going off in different directions.

6 thoughts on “Impossible Triangle Sculpture”

  1. Way cool James!

    The view from the other locations shows how you’d need a 4th dimension to close the triangle in 3-D 🙂

  2. Odd that they didn’t choose the orientation so that when viewed from the “right” location, there would be a less distracting background… (Or does it look differently when viewed by eye?)

  3. I saw that sculpture when I was in Perth last and thought nothing of it. Now I know what it is, thanks James!

  4. I think the original sculpture is in Escher’s home town of Eindhoven (Netherlands. They’ve put it on the central reservation of a dual carriageway and I nearly crashed my car as I drove towards it in disbelief 😉

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