Monthly Archives: September 2007

Schema Generation in ORMs

When Storm was released, one of the comments made was that it did not include the ability to generate a database schema from the Python classes used to represent the tables while this feature is available in a number of competing ORMs. The simple reason for this is that we haven’t used schema generation in […]

Upgrading to Ubuntu Gutsy

I got round to upgrading my desktop system to Gutsy today. I’d upgraded my laptop the previous week, so was not expecting much in the way of problems. I’d done the original install on my desktop back in the Warty days, and the root partition was a bit too small to perform the upgrade. As […]

Manic Times

When I got back from Florida, I found a copy of the Manic Times in the mail. It seems that I received the copy because I used to be subscribed to The Chaser back when it was a newspaper. The newspaper is being edited by Charles Firth, who was the US correspondent in the last […]