Manic Times

When I got back from Florida, I found a copy of the Manic Times in the mail. It seems that I received the copy because I used to be subscribed to The Chaser back when it was a newspaper. The newspaper is being edited by Charles Firth, who was the US correspondent in the last series of The Chaser’s War on Everything.

The content is fairly different to what was published in The Chaser, in that they are nominally true. That said, they are written from a non-mainstream point of view. The issue I received seemed to focus on the recent APEC conference and related security measures (which appear to have been fairly poor).

I haven’t yet decided whether to subscribe, but the online subscription form thoughtfully includes “Governor-General”, “Deputy Vice-President”, “The Right Hon”, “Queen” and “Archbishop” in the dropdown list of titles to pick from – something that most likely inconveniences people on other web sites.