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14 April 2004

ViewCVS After the breakin at the gnome.org web server, the CVS server were moved over to the new server HP donated. However, the LXR and Bonsai tools weren’t considered as high a priority, so have not been restored yet. Since it was easier to set up than either LXR or Bonsai, I set up ViewCVS […]


Made some changes to the way “jhbuild bootstrap” works. Whereas previously bootstrap would check to see if each required build tool was installed by the distro and only build the tools that were missing, it now builds all the tools. If you wish to use the build tools supplied by your distro, it is now […]

17 February 2004

Weather It has been really hot and humid here for the past few days. While it is not uncommon to have hot weather in Perth, high humidity is quite unusual. It seems to be due to the floods up in the north of the state (they had a report on the news about an 18 […]

12 February 2004

jhbuild Had a pretty good response to the jhbuild changes. There was a number of problems I didn’t catch during my testing (more that I would have liked). However, I think I caught the last few ones with pychecker. I suppose the next thing to do is to help the fd.org guys set things up […]


Checked in a fairly big set of modifications to jhbuild, designed to make it a bit more modular and the code less messy. I had been working on these changes for a while now, and had been keeping track of them on the jhbuild-ng branch. Here are a few of the main changes: Code reorganised […]

5 November 2003

Mark: the support for building the freedesktop.org X server hasn’t been there for a while. It was just added yesterday by Johan Dahlin. If anyone else is interested in building some of the stuff in freedesktop.org CVS using jhbuild, I wrote some instructions and put them in the wiki.

28 April 2003

Red Hat 9 Installed it on a few boxes, and I like what I see so far. The Bluecurve mouse cursors look really nice. It is also good to see some more of my packages included in the distro (fontilus and pyorbit). Spam Some spammer has been sending mail with random @daa.com.au addresses in the […]

5 May 2002

Started another batch of beer yesterday. This time I mixed in a kilogram of honey (replacing some of the sugar), so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. The bubbles coming out of the airlock smell fairly different, so it will hopefully go okay. Merged some patches from various people into my […]