Your HAR2009 Tickets

I received my ticket for the HAR2009 which takes place from August 13th till August 16th somewhere in the Netherlands!

If you buy your ticket until 2009-03-31, you’ll get a 25 Euro discount. If you additionally use the code “SURFBIRD”, you’ll get additional 5 Euro off. That translates to 150 Euros for a ticket.

I hope, it’s going to be an awesome CCCamp this year :) I’m really looking forward to this hackers holidays.

HAR Ticket

HAR Ticket

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2 Responses to “Your HAR2009 Tickets”

  1. satta says:

    Argh… if I had only known about the surfbird code yesterday :/
    Nevertheless, I’m in.

  2. gmc says:

    Heeey, har2009 is not CCCamp :)