9 December 1999

I got my uni results yesterday. I got good marks in both
my computing and pure maths majors. I got invitation for
honours year letters from both the maths and computer
science departments. I will have to decide where I want to
do honours. Apparently I got the highest score in the
computer networks unit, which means I will be getting a
prize from a company called AlphaWest.

I converted the page setup widget I wrote for dia to use
GnomePaper and GnomeUnit. After doing a bit more cleanup,
and implementing the old GnomePaperSelector interface, I
will commit it to gnome-libs HEAD branch.

Dia now has a bezier connection line. It is a mixture of
work by Lars Clausen and me. It works fairly well. There
is a patch for it from Lars to better handle the initial
drag when placing the object, but I haven’t got round to
applying it. Cyrille has a few patches to start doing the
properties interface. I haven’t read them yet, and I think
I will wait till 0.82 is out before applying them

I should really do a bit more work on gnome-python and
gnorpm. I should probably spend a while bringing
gnome-python back up to scratch and release a new version.
As for gnorpm, I have got a bit stuck implementing the
dependencies code in terms of glibwww. It is quite
difficult handling the state between callbacks.