2 March 2000

Haven’t posted anything here for a while. We released a
new version of dia. Some of the features are not complete,
but for most things, it is more stable than the last
version. I also updated the web site this time :)

Still looking into using ExtensionClass
in pygtk/gnome-python. I wasn’t able to find any info on
subclassing ExtensionClasses from C and didn’t get any
response from Jim Fulton, so I went ahead and added the
feature myself. I posted the patch to Jim and the zope-dev
list for anyone else who may want it. I hope it gets
included, as I don’t want to end up maintaining a fork of
ExtensionClass. This looks like it will greatly reduce the
amount of hand coded stuff found in pygtk, which will be

There are a number of patches that I have to integrate
into pygtk. I will look at that soon. I should also make a
new release of libglade as well.