6 March 2000

Have started using Sawmill as my window manager. It
feels quite nice and is very configurable. I am sure I
could easily waste hours getting it to act exactly how I
want it to :)

Have started working on the new ExtensionClass based
pygtk code. It is on the extension-class-branch of
pygtk in CVS. Currently there is not much to see other than
a program to convert header files to Havoc’s new defs file
format and a program to merge changes from one defs file
into another (needed because the header parser is not
perfect and there is some info that is just not included in
C headers). There is also a bit of code in pygtk/gtk/ (I am
rearanging some of the modules to be nicer to the module
namespace, and friendlier to case insensitive platforms such
as win32). Code generator comes next.

A new SVG draft came out. It includes stuff about
`Exchange SVG’. Maybe it would be good to use it for the
shape files in dia instead of the current method using style