26 March 2000

Got the new ExtensionClass pygtk to a state where you can
play with it. It actually compiles into something that
actually imports, which is a step forward. I started work
on a defs file for gtk, which has all the GTK widgets and
has the constructors set for most of them. It also
specifies public fields of objects, but that is not fully
implemented yet.

I also got single wrapper per GtkObject working, and
added support for an ExtensionClass instance dictionary.
The new GtkObject wrappers are pretty much just as
functional as the old ones, but without all the weirdness
found before (eg. _o, multiple wrappers, two layers of
wrappers, etc). When things get closer to working, I should
do some benchmarks or something. The new stuff definitely
loads quicker, and probably runs faster and uses less
memory. I posted instructions on how to test things out on

Alex added bonobo support to
dia. I will have to look at this, and help out a bit. I
will be very pissed off if someone complains that you only
get bonobo support if gnome support is enabled :). Some
people don’t seem to realise that if we don’t use a library,
then the functionality of the library has to be duplicated
in dia, which means we have more code to maintain.