30 March 2000

I don’t know what all the fuss is about the gnome
steering commitee thing. The main job we are doing is doing
a bit of release coordination, so things get done on time
(for october gnome, Elliot did most of this work, but it is
probably less stressful to have a group of people doing the
work). The other stuff discussed was about starting the
process of creating a gnome foundation (which should take
over a lot of what steercom was set up for).

Did more work on pygtk/extensionclass. It is starting to
feel like the old pygtk. I am trying to track down some
weird errors that are occuring when deallocating instances
of python subclasses of GtkObject wrappers. I think I am
the only person who has tried to do this kind of weird stuff
with ExtensionClass. I think it has something to do with
the evil wraper rescue code in pygtk_dealloc 🙁

It looks like my certification of advogato pushed him up to
master 🙂