20 April 2000

The CDDB hash function has a high rate of collisions for
single track CDs. Using the freedb.org database, the
RH6.2 source cd comes up as In the corridor of
by Flacco and the Sandman.

On the dia list, we have been discussing writing a new
canvas for using in GTK/GNOME applications as a replacement
of GnomeCanvas. It will take all the good points of the
current Dia canvas (internal handling of multiple views,
abstract rendering interface meaning only a single draw()
routine is needed which can handle GDK, Libart, gnome-print,
etc backends) with the benefits of the GnomeCanvas (based on
GtkObject system, arbitrary transformations, etc).
Depending on how things turn out, we may submit it for
inclusion in GTK+. More info when we work out what we are
going to do.