31 May 2000

I haven’t posted anything here for a while. I put out a
new version of dia last week. It went pretty well, but
there are a few major bugs in the release (missing header
include, bug in ellipses in custom shapes). I may make a
new release soon when I stabilise the new code I added.
With the current CVS code, we have XIM support, tearoff
menus that actually work, a less buggy polygon shape, and
the start of a beziergon shape. Once the beziergon is in
better shape, I will probably release it as dia-0.86, and
hope I don’t have any more showstopper bugs. Steffen has
been working on a DXF import filter, so I will be adding
more properties to the standard objects to make it easier to
create them through the properties interface.

GNOME 1.2 release came and went. There were some
communication problems which pissed off a number of people
at the release, but that is behind us now. Over all, this
new release is great.

One of the more amusing anti GST campaigns at the moment
is the one by the brewers association. They even have a web site for it.
The ads for it on television are a bit weird.