14 July 2000

Heard from another guy who has a Sony NEWS workstation
who gave some interesting info about the problem we were
having with our machine (it doesn’t boot). We had left the
machine off for a while, and then it stopped booting. I had
thought that the BIOS was dead or something, but it sounds
like a NEWS box won’t boot if the battery is dead also. Now
I just have to find where the battery is in the system.
There is no information about these machines on any of the
sony web sites (they seem to be denying all knowledge of the
machines). Now all I need to do is find where the battery
is in the system — they are built very solidly.

Been thinking about what I need to do about setting up
Linux on the notebook I ordered. I think I should be able
to get most things up and running without trouble, but I am
a bit unsure about hibernation. I guess I will wait and see
what happens when I get the notebook.