20 June 2001

Recompiled devel gtk+ and its dependencies today from
scratch, and gtk-demo still segfaults 🙁. Tim
committed my g_object_newv patch, so people should be able
to build devel libglade. He also checked in the child
properties stuff, which will allow me to handle that
generically in libglade (once he adds a few missing APIs).

Once I sort out the gtk+ issues, I can get hacking on
pygtk a bit more.

I am sure most people have heard about the flame war on
the gnome-hackers list over the weekend. Things have
settled down now, and there is talk of creating some
procedures for introducing changes to the platform. Some
people have argued that it is introducing too much
bureaucracy, but I think it will work out quite well.
Similar schemes have worked well for Python, TCL, Perl and even the internet.
All have varying levels of formality, so we should be able
to find a process that suits GNOME well.

Unfortunately, the flame war was picked up by various
news outlets such as Linux Today who posted some fairly one
sided editorials. Judging by the comments, the maturity of
LT’s readership is dropping to slashdot standards. It
pisses me off when people blow things like this out of
proportion. Looks like they did something similar again
today in an editorial about a KDE disagreement.