27 June 2001

I have been converting a lot of the boxed types in pygtk
over to my new PyGBoxed code. So far, this has
resulted in about 1000 less lines of non generated source
code, which is helpful. It will also help wrap other addon
widget libraries that have boxed types (provided they are
registered with glib). I will have to submit a few patches
for GTK to register the last few types that aren’t already

The development version of libglade got support for
container child properties recently (thanks to the new GTK
APIs from Tim), which means that most container types can be
handled by libglade without any extra code, which brings us
closer to a stage where no new code would be required to
support new widgets. I also started work on a simple
converter to go from the old file format to the new one. It
still has problems, but it is better than nothing, and
should help test my code.