26 November 2001

Working at ActiveState was a lot of fun. It was
interesting working on Komodo, and learning about the
Mozilla code base.

I got to feed the useful mozilla fixes back upstream that
was good. I got bug
107651 – Handle multiple file drops on mozilla (gtk build)
using the text/uri-list target
into the 0.9.6 release
(which is not as useful as it could be, due to many mozilla
dnd observers not being set up for multiple item drops).

I have a few other useful patches pending:

Hopefully some of these will get into 0.9.7.

The weather was great on the weekend. Went out
kneeboarding with some friends. We put together a two metre
tower high on the back of the boat built from two spars
lashed together. It looked a bit dodgy, but it worked
pretty well. It made getting up on the board a lot easier
(it was my first time kneeboarding in over a year, and I was
expecting to fall off almost immediately).