5 April 2002

Looks like jdub is pushing to get my mailman
patches put up on mail.gnome.org.
It will be interesting to see how they hold up under heavy
volume. It
is coded fairly defensively, so it shouldn’t cause mail lossage
(unless you configure it to lose certain bits of mail), but
I have no
idea whether it has an acceptable CPU overhead.

Saw Rabit Proof Fence on Saturday. A very
movie and worth watching. It makes me sad to see how
Aborigines have
been treated.

Going to GUADEC

This is the first time I have travelled internationally since
September 11th and the terrorist paranoia. All the parking
immediately outside the terminal were blocked off (apparently to
prevent terrorists from leaving bombs — like any terrorist
organisation would want to bomb Perth Airport).

When going through xray machines at customs, the ladie in
front of
me got held up for having a nail file in her hand luggage. They
stopped me because I had a laptop. They asked me to take
the laptop
out of the bag, disconnect the battery and then pass them
all through
the xray machine separately.

When we got the meals on the plane, they came with metal
metal fork and plastic knife. The forks are probably
sharper than the
metal knives they usually provide with meals.

Travelling by plane sure is a lot less convenient now.


After getting my luggage checked through customs, I found
a bus
outside the airport going into the city. Caught it and got
off some
place that turned out to be two or three kilometers from the
docpi organised. I walked the rest of the
way to the

I eventually found the place, and it had 4 buzzers (one
for each
appartment). On the forth try, I got let in (first two were
and the docpi was in the last one). The appartment looked
great —
marble floors, balconies looking out in two directions, etc.

April 2

In the supermarket, they had really big 6 packs — 6 one
bottles plastic wrapped together. Meandered around the city
for the day, and had a very nice meal at night.

Will have to write something about the actual conference.
So far it has been a lot of fun.