16 March 2003


I recently upgraded the Mailman installation on the machine handling the pygtk mailing lists. I am now using Mailman 2.1.1, and so far it looks a lot nicer.

I took the opportunity to update my SpamAssassin patches for the new Mailman (the old filter didn’t work anymore). I now have the code for talking to spamd split into a separate module, which might be useful for other projects, and means that it can be updated for newer SpamAssassin versions as needed without changing the MM related code.

I now have the filter using the list name as the user passed to spamd. Together with the virtual user dir mode in spamd, I now have SA maintaining separate auto-whitelists and bayes databases for each list, which should help improve the filtering.

What would be nice to do next would be to get the Mailman moderation page hooked up to SA, so that it can feed the decisions made during moderation back to the bayes database. Will need to think a bit about how best to implement this though.

Peace March

The next peace march in Perth is being held on Saturday (March 22nd) at noon. Will be interesting to see if more or less people will come to this one compared to the previous march.