14 April 2004

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After the breakin at the gnome.org web server, the CVS server were moved over to the new server HP donated. However, the LXR and Bonsai tools weren’t considered as high a priority, so have not been restored yet.

Since it was easier to set up than either LXR or Bonsai, I set up ViewCVS (with jdub‘s help), so we now have online repository browsing again. It doesn’t provide all the features found in the other packages, so it’ll be good to get them set up again too though.

We made a few superficial changes to the templates to make them look a bit more gnomey, but they probably still need a bit more work.


Merged a patch to add an optional "make clean" phase to jhbuild, and added a "make check" phase (also off by default). These should be useful for the unattended “tinderbox” mode.

It does increase the complexity a bit, so I think I’ll have to look at how to simplify it a bit (probably pull a bit more of the logic out of the program code).