14 March 2005

Eugenia’s Article

I find it amusing how Eugenia selectively quotes mailing list posts to create an article about how Gnome doesn’t care about what users want, and then in a follow-up asks that people don’t take her article out of context.

New Gettext

While looking at the new version of gettext, I noticed the libgettextpo library. Starting with the new 0.14.2 release, this library now includes a .po file writer as well as a parser. I wonder if this could be useful for tools like intltool.

One of the other things I noticed in the new release was at the end of the NEWS file entry for the release:

* Security fixes.

It gives no indication of what those fixes are though, so I don’t know how serious the problem is …

Tim Tams

There are three new varieties of Tim Tams biscuits that came out recently. The weirdest of the three is chocolate and chilli. It tastes like a normal dark chocolate Tim Tam, but after you’ve finished it leaves a chilli aftertaste.