Fedora EULA

roozbeh: the Fedora EULA probably isn’t a GPL violation (I’m sure Red Hat has legal advice that it is okay). Section 1 says “This agreement does not limit User’s rights under, or grant User rights that supersede, the license terms of any particular component”. So the EULA explicitly says that it doesn’t limit any rights you received under the GPL. Section 2 goes on to say that your rights to copy or modify individual components of the distro are covered by the respective license.

What the EULA does cover is the particular compilation of the individual components making up the distribution. This is similar to the way a book publisher can claim copyright on a particular selection/ordering of poems that are in the public domain — while you can copy the individual poems, it would be a violation to copy the anthology as a whole.

The export controls section is just a restatement of the U.S. export regulations for cryptography, so wouldn’t affect the non cryptographic portions. I’m not sure how this section would interact with the first section in the case of GPL’d/LGPL’d cryptography software though.