Version control discussion on the Python list

The Python developers have been discussing a migration off CVS on the python-dev mailing list. During the discussion, Bazaar-NG was mentioned. A few posts of note:

I’m going to have to play around with bzr a bit more, but it looks very nice (and should require less typing than baz …)

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  1. Anonymous

    Been on the Ubuntu site some mins ago and been readin’ about Bazaar. I wonder why Bazar if we have fine things like SVN. What’s wrong with SVN? Because it’s not written in Python?

  2. James Henstridge

    Bazaar supports distributed development, while Subversion does not.

    If you want to create a branch of a subversion repository, you need write access to the repository. With a distributed system, I can branch off from someone else’s codebase without requiring their permission and be able to make use of the same features as the main developers.

    If you’ve ever worked on a patch for some software managed in CVS or Subversion where you have no write access, then you’ll know what I mean — you have no way to make incremental commits, add new files, do a partial rollback, etc.

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