End Of Fashion

I went to see End of Fashion upstairs at 78s today for their in-store appearance. The tickets were included with the band’s single which was pretty nice.

They played for about 40 minutes, starting off with some of their well known songs, and then mixed in a few of the new ones off the album. Towards the end, they did a cover of The Red Sun Band’s “Devil Song”.

After the set the band were doing autographs, so I got the liner notes from my copy of the new album signed by all the band members. I like what I’ve listened to on the album so far.

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  1. Leviiathan

    End of Fashion rock. ^_^;;

  2. lauren

    hey i too went to see end of fashion at 78 records on the 20th for their album release…how good were they! i had luckily brought their album before the show so was able to get it signed which is was so happy about. hope you enjoyed the show as much as i did

  3. dork.J

    Hello i also went and it really floted my boat, i love them and really had fun

  4. letty

    i went to 78’s to and met them all. they played really good and they are all really nice!!!my friend coloured in the drummers nails and singed his arm, we wrote on the desk and got photos with justen!!!

  5. Dandi

    i am so jealous of all of u!!! goddammmit i wanted to b there but fate had other plans for me…
    so pls be EXTREMELY descriptive in ur opinions about the EoF 78’s thingy cos i wanna hear all about it!!!

  6. stevie

    i luv end of fashion esspecially their song “ohyea”

  7. Katie

    Justin’s my brother 🙂

  8. Katie

    Not actually but meh…

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