Gnome-gpg 0.4.0 Released

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I put out a new release of gnome-gpg containing the fixes I mentioned previously.

The internal changes are fairly extensive, but the user interface remains pretty much the same. The main differences are:

  • If you enter an incorrect passphrase, the password prompt will be displayed again, the same as when gpg is invoked normally.
  • If an incorrect passphrase is stored in the keyring (e.g. if you changed your key’s passphrase), the passphrase prompt will be displayed. Previously you would need to use the --forget-passphrase option to tell gnome-gpg to ignore the passphrase in the keyring.
  • The passphrase dialog is now set as a transient for the terminal that spawned it, using the same algorithm as zenity. This means that the passphrase dialog pops up on the same workspace as the terminal, and can’t be obscured by the terminal.