Gnome Logo on Slashdot

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Recently, Jeff brought up the issue of the use of the old Gnome logo on Slashdot. The reasoning being that since we decided to switch to the new logo as our mark back in 2002, it would be nice if they used that mark to represent stories about us.

Unfortunately this request was shot down by Rob Malda, because the logo is “either ugly or B&W (read:Dull)”.

Not to be discouraged, I had a go at revamping the logo to meet Slashdot’s high standards. After all, if they were going to switch to the new logo, they would have done so when we first asked. The result is below:

This is based on an earlier design, but I think the drop shadow really completes the image. Iain managed to come up with a variant suitable for use on the games sub-site.