SchoolTool Moves to Launchpad

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Recently, the SchoolTool project has migrated to Launchpad for their bug tracker.

We performed an import of all their previous bug reports using a new bug importer I wrote. This was the third Launchpad bug importer I’d written (the previous ones being for the Ubuntu Bugzilla import and a SourceForge importer), so I wanted this one to be the last. So the design of this importer was to have a simple XML format as an intermediate step. That way we only need to target the XML format to support a new bug tracker. This will also make it possible for projects to provide their bug data in a form we can consume for the cases where they want to migrate their bugs to Launchpad but Canonical doesn’t have the resources to do the migration.

For the SchoolTool migration, Jean-Fran├žois Roche put together a simple Roundup exporter.

We should have some documentation about the intermediate XML format available at some point for projects interested in moving to Launchpad.

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  1. Jelmer Vernooij

    This sounds very nice. Is this intermediate format generic or launchpad-specific? It’d be nice to have some sort of standardized format that could be used to migrate between BTS’es (Bugzilla -> trac, Bugzilla -> launchpad, launchpad -> jitterbug, etc)

  2. James Henstridge

    Jelmer: it is tailored to the kind of data that you can store in Launchpad, and uses the bug status and importance names from Launchpad, so it’s current form is not generic.

    That said, I have no problem with people writing importers that use the format as input. I’ve even got code to export a products bugs from Launchpad in this format (modulo a few bugs that need to be fixed), so it can be used for migrations in the other direction.

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