FM Radio in Rhythmbox

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I’ve been working on some FM radio support in Rhythmbox in my spare time. Below is screenshot

At the moment, the basic tuning and mute/unmute works fine with my DSB-R100. I don’t have any UI for adding/removing stations at the moment though, so it is necessary to edit ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml to add them.

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  1. Joel

    This feature would truly be a welcome addition!

    I’m especially pleased it’s being developed by a fellow Australian! (If the radio stations are any indication)

  2. Adam

    RDS (Radio Data System) support would be great, since no other linux radio program support it yet.

  3. James Henstridge

    Adam: two things that make that a bit difficult: (1) my tuner device doesn’t have RDS capabilities, and (2) hardly any stations transmit RDS data here anyway.

    This isn’t to say that someone else could do the work.

  4. Adam

    I personaly have an RDS tuner card (and here /Hungary/ there are a lots of radio stations that sends RDS signals), so i would really like to help (without the coding part).
    The only thing i know, is that the linux kernel does support RDS in some way.

  5. Jonathan Carter

    A station called RTRFM? What does the middle “R” stand for? 😉

  6. Ryan

    Would this theoretically be able to run on the N800, which contains an FM tuner (now accessible only through a home page applet)?

  7. Anonymous

    This looks awesome. If only I had a card that played FM audio…

    Joes wrote:
    > I’m especially pleased it’s being developed by a fellow Australian! (If the radio stations are any indication)

    I wouldn’t say it’s too far out of the ordinary, as the two most active contributors (moch and myself) are also both Australian.

  8. Onkar

    Will this be available as plugin so that user’s who don’t want to install newer version of Rhythmbox can use it.
    I am currently on Feisty and I may go out and buy FM tuner soon if this will work on existing Rhythmbox version.

  9. mariuss

    I was waiting for something like this!

    Any plans to add support for RadioShark (2)?

    Is the code available somewhere?

  10. Nate

    Oh, that is excellent. Rhythmbox really needs this.And let’s hope it also helps to kill off the longstanding misnomer “radio” that RB uses to refer to streaming audio. That misappropriation *really* needs to go. Especially with HD Radio right around the corner; yet another audio source that actually uses radio waves.

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